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What's New

Kindergarten Open House

Important Dates

January 7 First Day of Classes 2019

January 18 PA Day no classes for students

January 22 School Council Meeting 6-7:15pm

January 25 Twin Day and I Matter Assembly at 1:45pm k-8

January 31 Kindergarten Open House 10am-6pm

February 15 PA Day no classes for students

February 18 Family Day schools closed

February 21 Grade 8 graduation photos

Welcome to...

Stevensville Public School

Calendar Fundraiser Winners January 2019

1. Diane Leslie

2. Sandra Hennessy

3. Nana Smith

4. Mary Ann McTaggart

5. Rick and Maryanne Beales

6. Vicky Merchant Miller

7. Rebecca Braun

8. Ron and Bev Winger

9. Judy Conn

10. Lynda Desmarais

11. Tracy VanLeemput

12. Cindy Atkins

13. Devon Noxel

14. Wendy Iuliano

15. Brenda Weaver

16. Don McFarlane

17. Alicia Robins

Draw postponed one day due to transportation cancellation affecting schools. Draw will resume regular schedule January 22.