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Welcome to Stevensville Public School!

Valentines Day Considerations

DSBN Monthly Theme for February

What Extracurriculars are taking place in February for our students?

Teachers will reach out with any instructions regarding Valentines Day Activities. If you need more information, please contact your child’s teacher.

Please ensure when bringing in cards or treats that all students in the class are included and any treats are nut free.

Healthy Snacks are encouraged!


Days of Significance February


Many thanks to the following coaches:

Intermediate Basketball Girls (Mr. Train)

Intermediate Basketball Boys (Mr. B. Roach)

Junior Basketball Girls (Mrs. Mocniak and Mr. R. Roach)

Student Council

Many thanks to Mrs. Lee and Mme. Jones

Primary, Junior and Intermediate Choirs

Many thanks to Mr. Roach and Mrs. Mocniak

Games Club

Many thanks to Mrs. Vanderklei.

Monday Feb 5

Day 6

Tuesday Feb 6

Day 7

Wednesday Feb 7

Day 8

Thursday Feb 8

Day 9

Friday Feb 9

Day 10

Intermediate Basketball John Brant@ SPS

Girls play first.


EQAO MID YEAR for Grade 3 and 6

Intermediate Basketball Peace Bridge @ SPS

Boys play first

EQAO MID YEAR for Grade 3 and 6

Pizza Day

Monday Feb 12

Day 1

Tuesday Feb 13

Day 2

Wednesday Feb 14

Day 3

Thursday Feb 15

Day 4

Friday Feb 16

Intermediate Basketball Playoffs

1v 4 play @Peace Bridge

2v3 play @John Brant

CCAT TESTING PERIOD BEGINS for Grade 4 students.

Little Caesars Pizza kit fundraiser delivery today!

3:30 – 4:30 Foyer

Sub Day

Intermediate BB Game Championship Game Semi Final winners @ TBD

Boys play first

Report Cards Go home!

Student Council Winterfest – pm – weather permitting.

PA Day - No school for students.

Monday Feb 19

Tuesday Feb 20

Day 5

Wednesday Feb 21

Day 6

Thursday Feb 22

Day 7

Friday Feb 23

Day 8

Family Day

Wrapping up Kindness week with our Kindness Assembly winners!

Dental Screening for all grades! More information to follow.

Dental Screening for all grades! More information to follow.

Pizza Day

Monday Feb 26

Day 9

Tuesday Feb 27

Day 10

Wednesday Feb 28

Day 1

Thursday Feb 29

Day 2

Friday Mar 1

Day 3

Tryouts for Girls and Boys Junior BB to begin this week!

Parent Council 6:00

Sub Day

Stevensville Public School Honours:


Black History Month is a time to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities. Black communities have been a part of the fabric of Canadian heritage since the 1600s when Mathieu Da Costa arrived. Black communities in

Canada has a rich history that highlights the resilience, innovation, and determination of Black people on these lands.

Celebrating Black history and excellence does not have to be limited to February and can be highlighted and embedded into the curriculum throughout the year. The Black History Month Slides on the DSBN website is available for educators and families to access resources and

ideas to provide meaningful learning opportunities.

Click here. https://www.dsbn.org/equity/days-of-significance-calendar/heritage-months 

Here at Stevensville, we will be teaching and learning about Black History! Each classroom will be engaging in reading and learning from Black authored texts.



We had a wonderful turnout for our Kindergarten Open House on February 2nd! If you were not able to attend, please contact the school or register online at https://www.dsbn.org/kindergarten/


If you require before and after school childcare, please click here and register through the Niagara Regions: Childcare Registration

If you have any questions, please contact me at Geraldine.Davies@dsbn.org